Cox Architects® Fire Shutters Pass Rigorous Compliance Testing

17 January 2017 Category: Fire Resistant Shutters

Over the past year, the fire resistance standards of our Fire Shutters, designed by Cox Architects®, has been evaluated for compliance with Australian Bush Fire standards. This process has now been completed and the fire shutters passed the testing requirements and now are suitable for use throughout Australia.

Our Fire Shutters are one part of the series of innovations which evolved as a result of Cox Architects® research project into Bush Fire Resistance Construction which started over 10 years ago.

This research was awarded many times both in Australia and internationally and also was a winner in the innovation excellence award in Queensland in 2011.

Our Fire Shutters incorporate several patented pieces of technology in order to provide a complete building envelope that could withstand the most severe bush fires in Australia and possibly on planet earth.

Excerpt from specifier.com.au published 17 January 2017 View the article here.