Trapped in a burning building

30 August 2017 Category: Fire Resistant Building Design

The effects of being in this situation are considerable but if viewed objectively, it can teach us all many things including what not to do. This article tries to explain to the reader what it is like to be trapped in a burning building and it parallels this experience with principals of behavioural studies.

There are many building design issues which caused failure in this case. These issues, however, require more in-depth discussion to fully explain. What this article tries to convey is what a person in such a situation thinks and acts. That alone serves as a very good foundation to safety awareness hopefully resulting in better design. It also serves to remind us that learning from the mistakes of others is a very hard way to learn.

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Source: https://sourceable.net/whats-it-like-to-be-trapped-in-a-burning-building/