Bush Fire Architecture

8 June 2017 Category: Bush Fire Architecture, Fire Resistant Building Design

For many years, the majority of Australians have been comforted by the thought that the prevalence of bush fires doesn’t concern those living in urban areas. Whilst there might be empathy for our ‘country cousins’, many don’t consider these fires to be a direct threat.

So is this assumption correct or just a misguided myth? A look at recent events and data sheds light on the issue.

Cox looks at a range of recent academic papers on the subject in trying to piece together an overview of the risks of these fire events to urban areas. The results are quite surprising.

Cox also includes his experiences from visiting the lethal bush fires first hand in Western Australia in Feb. 2016 and how these events support the premises put forward in the article.

This research, together with the extensive research already undertaken by the firm Cox Architects, gives a valuable and condensed insight into what is becoming a ‘sleeper’ of a problem for Australia and the USA in particular.

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Source: https://sourceable.net/do-bush-fires-only-occur-in-the-bush/