Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission

2009 victorian bushfires royal commission report

Submission by Cox Architects to the “2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission”. The following are parts of the above submission: ABC Interview (mp3 format) of Cox Architects Director David Cox on the 5/3/2009.

Bush Fire Architecture

For many years, the majority of Australians have been comforted by the thought that the prevalence of bush fires doesn’t concern those living in urban areas. Whilst there might be empathy for our ‘country cousins’, many don’t consider these fires to be a direct threat. So is this assumption correct or just a misguided myth? … Continue reading Bush Fire Architecture

Fire shutters Australian Bush Fire standard compliant

Cox Architects announces that their fire shutters have met the rigorous compliance testing requirements of Australian Bush Fire standards, making them suitable for use throughout Australia. These fire shutters are part of a series of innovations that evolved from Cox Architects’ award-winning research project into Bush Fire Resistance Construction started over 10 years ago. David Cox, a leading … Continue reading Fire shutters Australian Bush Fire standard compliant