Bauhaus To Outhouse!

boundary st spring hill proposed multi storey development

Cox Architects opposes the destruction of the heritage listed Karl Langer Gardens, Spring Hill, Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council and the State Department of Environment and Heritage have completely failed in their duty of care to protect the legacy of the design of the MRD building and gardens designed by Carl Langer and built in … Continue reading Bauhaus To Outhouse!

Steel in bushfires webinar

steel in bushfires webinar

The presenter David Cox is the Managing Director of Cox Architects, a Brisbane based firm which has experience in designing different types of fire-resistant buildings for many years.  David’s interest in designing appropriate structures in bushfire areas began in the 1980’s when he carried out research work on mainly industrial and commercial buildings. Since then … Continue reading Steel in bushfires webinar

Bushfire resilient building design

Australia is no stranger to bushfires. However, the summer of 2019-2020 proved to be unprecedented in many ways. By mid-February 2020, thousands of bushfires across the country had claimed the lives of over 30 people and a billion animals, and burnt around 20 million hectares of land. With approximately 3,000 homes and several thousand other … Continue reading Bushfire resilient building design

Mini city design Guangzhou China

Mini city design Guangzhou China by Cox Architects

One of our recent high-rise apartment complex projects, which included urban planning, architecture and technical innovation has been published.  View the article here.

High Rise Fire Safety in Smart Urban Planning

This fire evaculation case study discusses the after-effect and possible advances in high rise fire safety.  Urban planners, lawmakers and architects should be constantly questioning the connection between building and nearby buildings, and can’t afford to underestimate the importance of adequate access for fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to navigate around buildings and provide … Continue reading High Rise Fire Safety in Smart Urban Planning

Sustainability Awards Urban Design Finalists

ring of brodgar finalist 2017 sa awards

We’re proud to announce that our ‘Ring of Brodgar‘ entry in the 2017 Sustainability Awards has been announced as a finalist in the ‘Infolink Building Product News’.

Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission

2009 victorian bushfires royal commission report

Submission by Cox Architects to the “2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission”. The following are parts of the above submission: ABC Interview (mp3 format) of Cox Architects Director David Cox on the 5/3/2009.

Trapped in a burning building

The effects of being in this situation are considerable but if viewed objectively, it can teach us all many things including what not to do. This article tries to explain to the reader what it is like to be trapped in a burning building and it parallels this experience with principals of behavioural studies. There … Continue reading Trapped in a burning building

Bush Fire Architecture

For many years, the majority of Australians have been comforted by the thought that the prevalence of bush fires doesn’t concern those living in urban areas. Whilst there might be empathy for our ‘country cousins’, many don’t consider these fires to be a direct threat. So is this assumption correct or just a misguided myth? … Continue reading Bush Fire Architecture

Fire shutters Australian Bush Fire standard compliant

Cox Architects announces that their fire shutters have met the rigorous compliance testing requirements of Australian Bush Fire standards, making them suitable for use throughout Australia. These fire shutters are part of a series of innovations that evolved from Cox Architects’ award-winning research project into Bush Fire Resistance Construction started over 10 years ago. David Cox, a leading … Continue reading Fire shutters Australian Bush Fire standard compliant

Fire Shutters

Over the past year, the fire resistance standards of our Fire Shutters, designed by Cox Architects®, has been evaluated for compliance with Australian Bush Fire standards. This process has now been completed and the fire shutters passed the testing requirements and now are suitable for use throughout Australia. Our Fire Shutters are one part of … Continue reading Fire Shutters

North Newstead Neighbourhood Plan

Our Director, David Cox was selected by Brisbane City Council to be part of the community consultation group responsible for the North Newstead Neighbourhood Plan for the past year. This plan is now published on the BCC website and public feedback is invited. We are pleased to be a part of this Council initiative.

International Aid – Multi Function Community Infrastructure Design

Image above: Cox Architects’ Project Manager Pacific, Mr. Christopher Cox, with the local village Building Manager, Solomon Islands. Cox Architects have undertaken a wide variety of indigenous architectural work over the past 35 years in many different locations in Australia. This long developed experience was utilized recently in the completion of an international indigenous project in … Continue reading International Aid – Multi Function Community Infrastructure Design

Building Research Recognised

The Premier of Queensland recognised the research work by Cox Architects at the Ai Group’s Annual Gala Dinner  which was held to celebrate Queensland Industry. Cox Architect’s research work on Bushfire Resistant Buildings was recognised and the firm noted as a winner of the inaugural “What’s Your Big Idea Queensland” award. The award, which received … Continue reading Building Research Recognised

Architectural Sustainability Award

The Cox bushfire-resistant construction system was a finalist in three categories at the prestigious BPN Sustainability Awards. The awards were presented to Cox Architects at a gala event in Sydney 13th October 2011. Small Commercial Public Building & Urban Design Innovation of the Year Below are extracts from the finalist information as featured in Building … Continue reading Architectural Sustainability Award

Excellence in Innovation Award

Cox Architects was presented an award and funding to turn their big idea (bushfire resistant buildings) into reality as winners of the 2011 “What’s Your Big Idea Queensland” award. Peak industry body Ai Group holds the awards to help innovative businesses take the next step to commercialisation and providing support for futher research & development … Continue reading Excellence in Innovation Award